Manuka Oil MBTK 25+ 25ml

Renowned for maintaining healthy skin, this essential oil is a true saviour for problematic skin conditions. 

Guaranteed active MβTK™ content

Mānuka Oil is naturally rich in β-triketones. 

What are β-triketones? β-triketones are a group of organic compounds, high in antibacterial properties and are beneficial against harmful bacteria that live on the skin‘s surface.

Mānuka Oil MβTK™ 25+ delivers guaranteed active β-triketones content of 25% or greater. 


This oil can help improve overall skin appearance for your whole body.

Support healthy skin – Skin health can often be compromised - daily stress, contact with impurities, chemicals, air pollution and lifestyle are all contributing factors. Tired, stressed skin is often prone to itchy, scaly and dry outbreaks over the entire body. Use Mānuka Oil MβTK™ 25+ to soothe, cleanse and restore the appearance of your skin. 

How to use:

As a daily ritual, add several drops, to warm bath water and take a moment to soak away life’s stress.

Bed sheets and clothing should also be machine washed with several drops of Mānuka MβTK™ 25+ oil added with your regular laundry detergent.

Anti-Dandruff - Mānuka oil MβTK™ 25+ is a natural cleaner and can assist in the control of dandruff.

How to use: 

One drop combined with your favourite shampoo, will help condition your hair and scalp. 

Relieve seasonal sniffles - Alleviate seasonal sniffles the natural way, this winter or spring. Mānuka Oil MβTK™ 25+ is a gentle, soothing solution to help ease that blocked up nasal feeling.

How to use: 

Add a few drops to your favourite diffuser and leave on overnight in the bedroom. Wake up feeling refreshed, start the day with a deep breath and really feel the difference.

We care about your SAFETY, please check our guidelines carefully before use.



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