Manuka Oil Lower Aroma MBTK 40+ 25ml

More potent, more concentrated, less odour.

Specially distilled to remove the high notes, this natural high potency Mānuka oil has a lighter scent and is the perfect solution for those wanting all the efficacious benefits but without the strong fragrance. 

Guaranteed active MβTK™ content

Mānuka Oil is naturally rich in β-triketones. 

What are β-triketones? They are a group of organic compounds, high in antibacterial properties and are beneficial against harmful bacteria that live on the skin's surface. 

Mānuka Oil Lower Aroma MβTK™40+ delivers guaranteed active β-triketones content of 40% or greater. 


This essential oil helps maintain clean, healthy feet and prevents foot odour from occurring

Maintain foot hygiene – Maintain foot hygiene, by taking care of your feet the natural way. Keep your feet and footwear hygienically clean to avoid nasty, bad smelling odours.  

How to use: 

Regularly soak your feet in warm water with a few drops of this product

To prevent the problem reoccurring or spreading, soak socks in hot water with a few drops

Wipe the inside of shoes, especially the toe area with a clean cloth and apply several drops of this product 

For sport shoes, soak in a bucket with hot water and several drops of this product

Machine wash your bed sheets and duvet covers by adding several drops of this product with your regular laundry detergent. This ensures your feet are touching clean bed linens while you sleep. 

We care about your SAFETY, please check our guidelines carefully before use.



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