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Melora Blog

A note to our Melora community and their loved ones

As the COVID-19 situation develops around us, we are focused on playing our part in protecting our communities and their families from the spread of COVID-19. Whilst we continue to follow the guidelines and advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the NZ Government, we have taken things a step further and have introduced extra precautions necessary to safeguard our people and our customers. Those including strict sanitary measures in place throughout the whole business to ensure safety of our staff and the packages we are dispatching.

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New Zealand Manuka Honey: Your skincare secret weapon

Honey, it’s time to stop battling with tired, damaged skin, and time to take a stand, and give your skin the ultimate natural weapon. Used in ancient rulers’ skincare routines, honey has been kn...

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Tackling problematic skin – tips, tricks and home remedies to tackle problem skin

Whether it’s dry, irritated, oily, or blemish prone, problematic skin can have an enormous effect on day to day confidence. We wanted to tackle the ways your daily routine could be wreaking havo...

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5 ways to add Manuka Honey to your everyday routine

The relationship between man and honey dates back over 8000 years, and throughout history, civilisations have benefited from its medicinal properties. Romans used it to heal their wounds after b...

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Three DIY Skin Restoring Manuka Honey Masks

When stress is banging on your door like it has a warrant, taking just fifteen minutes to mix up a little DIY face mask can help ease a bit tension from the day. We’re sharing our three ...

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News Report: New Zealand Manuka Group on bringing sustainability centre stage

Our parent company New Zealand Mānuka Group is at the top of the Trees That Count leaderboard, thanks to its ongoing efforts to plant native trees. The Eastern Bay of Plenty-based compan...

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Energising Juice with Mānuka Honey

As the seasons change, our bodies also undergo changes in rhythm with nature.  Some of you might notice yourself becoming a little more tired than usual during the day, or you may feel a ...

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