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News Report: New Zealand Manuka Group on bringing sustainability centre stage

Our parent company New Zealand Mānuka Group is at the top of the Trees That Count leaderboard, thanks to its ongoing efforts to plant native trees. The Eastern Bay of Plenty-based company is committed to protecting the environment. It has planted nearly nine million trees around the East Cape since 2016, with another 540,000 to come before Christmas. “Nurturing and sustaining the land is a huge part of the work the New Zealand Mānuka Group does,” says founder Phil Caskey. “From the land we use to the communities we work with and support, everything is done with care and thought t...

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Energising Juice with Mānuka Honey

As the seasons change, our bodies also undergo changes in rhythm with nature.  Some of you might notice yourself becoming a little more tired than usual during the day, or you may feel a ...

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Nature's Sweetener for Cooking

Here at Melora, we are all about keeping it natural and healthy eating. Swapping out that spoonful of sugar for an equal sized spoonful of honey is the ultimate way to ...

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Treat your mum to a hearty breakfast

Mother’s Day is just one day of many days out of a year that we show special appreciation for our deserving mums. While a bouquet of flowers and a surprise gift are always a sweet and nice way t...

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Working the Land of East Cape

East Cape landowner, Jim White, owns and manages the 2000 hectares in partnership with his older brother and sister. "Most of our work is done on horseback as the land ...

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Great Ways to Use Your Mānuka Oils

Essential oils are rapidly growing in popularity because they offer a natural health alternative.  This is especially the case with Mānuka oil which is produced from th...

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5 simple tips to combat acne

1. Avoid scrubbing It is advisable not to scrub your face while washing it. Besides, opt for a mild cream/oil cleanser for washing face once or twice a day with lukewarm wate...

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