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Tackling problematic skin – tips, tricks and home remedies to tackle problem skin

Tackling problematic skin – tips, tricks and home remedies to tackle problem skin

Whether it’s dry, irritated, oily, or blemish prone, problematic skin can have an enormous effect on day to day confidence. We wanted to tackle the ways your daily routine could be wreaking havoc on your skin, and introduce new methods of caring for it.


You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but keeping hydrated is so important when it comes to your skin. Without proper hydration, not only does your skin suffer, but organ function decreases, putting extra strain on your body.

By monitoring your water intake and keeping track of it in your diary, you can begin to take note of how little water you’re drinking. We’re not suggesting going out of your way to drink litre upon litre of water (hello bathroom break every fifteen minutes), but introducing more water rich foods and a few extra glasses of H2O can make a big difference.

Over moisturising/too heavy moisturiser

For those suffering from dry, easily irritated skin, we’ll often turn to a rich, heavy moisturiser. Of course, it makes sense, the drier the skin, the more moisturiser it needs. Right? Not necessarily. When you’re constantly applying moisturiser, the skin begins to neglect its job in creating it’s own, naturally occurring oils. These oils protect your skin from damage, and of course, dryness.

Swap out the heavy moisturisers for something a little lighter and packed with natural sources of moisture. The Melora Manuka Honey moisturiser is perfect for soothing and nourishing the skin, without stopping it from creating its own, necessary oils.

Synthetic ingredients

Not all man made ingredients are bad, especially in skincare. Some prevent harmful bacteria from growing in your face creams, whilst others work hand in hand with natural ingredients to plump and restore skin. Unfortunately an abundance of synthetic ingredients can cause skin to become irritated, leading to break outs, patchiness, and redness.

Swapping to a skincare regime that limits the amount of synthetic ingredients can benefit problematic skin. With the natural cleansing power of antimicrobial Manuka honey, the Melora skincare range is a brilliant option for problematic skin.


There’s no one solution for problematic skin, as there are so many contributing factors behind the issues. However, making a few small changes in your skincare and day to day regime can have a significant impact on how your skin reacts to these factors.