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5 simple tips to combat acne

5 simple tips to combat acne

1. Avoid scrubbing

It is advisable not to scrub your face while washing it. Besides, opt for a mild cream/oil cleanser for washing face once or twice a day with lukewarm water. For gentle exfoliate, use a hot damp cloth to remove cleanser.

2. No touching

It is often seen that many a times ladies try to burst the pimple in order to end it. However, little do they know that this has an adverse effect as it makes the bacteria that cause the acne spread. Besides opening up the clogged pore makes it look worse and more vulnerable to impurities in the environment. Instead of squeezing the pimple, apply Melora LEMA® oil onto the pimples using a cotton tip to relieve swelling and redness while it also forms a barrier against harmful bacteria that get in contact with skin. 

3. Prevent the skin from sun

Not many are aware of the fact that over-exposure to the sun often worsen the breakouts by causing irritation, inflammation, and burning. Remember to apply sunscreen all year round to protect skin from further damage. 

4. Avoid make-up

Using cosmetic products do take a toll on your skin. If need to, try using natural makeup products. Besides, if you're suffering from acne problem, it is suggested to use oil-free cosmetics. On the other hand, it is essential to wash off the make-up thoroughly at the end of the day.

5. Keep your face clean

It is important to keep your face dirt and bacteria free, so you should wash your face especially after exercising as this will wipe off the sweat. Sweat can also make the pimple worse. On the other hand, it is also suggested not to wash the face no more than twice a day as it can trap off the essential oil from the face and make it appear dry.

Want to combat acnes naturally? Try our LEMA® oil - a powerful anti-bacteria essential oil to prevent and relieve blemish. Discover the benefits of LEMA® oil and how to include it into your acne-prone skincare routine here.